NPT paper 4: On builders and blockers


States have different roles to play to complete the nuclear disarmament puzzle

By Torbjørn Graff Hugo
  • A focus on building blocks invites an analysis of roles and responsibilities for the achievement and maintenance of a world without nuclear weapons.
  • States should recognize that they have different roles to play in the construction of the building blocks—all states need not be involved in all discussions on all aspects of nuclear disarmament.
  • Each building block should be carved out by a critical mass of ‘key implementers’, in a format that does not allow ‘blockers’ to prevent progress.
  • The categories of building blocks in which the nuclear-armed states are the ‘key implementers’ include ‘fissile material’, ‘security assurances, and ‘de-alerting and dismantlement’.
  • ‘Breakout’, ‘nuclear-weapon-free zones’, and ‘prohibition’ are categories in which the non-nuclear-weapon states play the main role.

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